Hey..welcome to my own little personal space on the Internet. Its been a while I posted (man’s been very bussssssyyyyy😫). Anyways, I got some good stuff I felt I should share with you. Without further ado,let’s begin😊 As stated in the post title,these are wisdom nuggets I feel everyone should know and believe me,they’ll worth […]



Hello😊,welcome to my little space on the Internet, thank you for your positive reviews and feedbacks thus far, I’m so grateful. Well, Happy New Year to you, I’m so excited about this year and I hope you are too. This year, I hope to publish more appealing content too and probably do a giveaway😎😉. I’d […]

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A wise man once said,there are two elements of thanksgiving. 1.Thank GOD 2.Thank PEOPLE. The greatest assets you can have in this are PEOPLE and the greatest problems you can have too are PEOPLE. Take time out to check on your friends,people around you,call an old friend,visit them,give an unexpected gift,pay someone a compliment, write […]

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Hello reader, welcome to my own little personal space on the Internet, its good to have you again. Few days ago,I was privileged to meet a young boy who had self-esteem issues as he doesn’t like to talk to people and all that(let’s just call it inferiority complex). It then struck a chord in my […]



Hello guys,starting a blog seems to be an easy thing but putting up an appealing content can be one hell-of-a-job😪. Well,as y’all would have it,Mans not lazy😎💪🏾. Okay,straight to the point now,I’m going to be talking about FOCUS in this post and I’d like you to please read,comment and share your views too. You can’t […]

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First Post😊

Hello everyone, I am ADELEYE,an aspiring microbiologist and a student of the prestigious University of Ibadan.I am an avid reader and I love to inspire people through the words I speak.In the course of my journey here,I hope to birth positive changes in people’s lives and also learn from everyone as they share their thoughts […]

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